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Will form 61 be required for registration to ``La Pitturina Ski Race``?

For “La Pitturina Ski Race” Form 61 it is an essential requirement. In the Vertical Ski race, instead, no form 61 or affiliation to any team will  be necessary.

Does an alternative route exist for non-FISI members for Sunday, March 4?

No. However, non-FISI members may participate to the “Io c’ero a Km zero” event, open  to everyone.

How many climbs will ``La Pitturina Ski Race`` route have?

La Pitturina Ski Race returns to the traditional route of its first events with 4 challenging climbs of which the first and third ones will feature the highest difference in altitude (930m and 850m respectively).

How many walking tracts will be there?

The expected walking tracts will be 3. They require good mountaineering experience and the use of crampons if  the environmental conditions require them.

Will equipped climb tracts be there?

Some tracts will be equipped, one of which probably at the end of the third climb to reach the Pitturina fork and then descend to Austria.

I'm not a ski mountaineer with great technique, is there a race for me?

On Saturday, March 3, there will be the Vertical Ski Race, a climb of the 3 Peaks of the Padola ski run. Except for the difference in height (and the effort needed to cover it), it does not present technical challenges and the descent, at the end of the race, will take place on the beaten run, thus in full safety.