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“La Pitturina Ski Race” e the “Vertical Ski Race” take place in Val Comelico, the nothern area of the Veneto Region, at the border with Austria. Nestled between the Dolomitic chains of Popera and Brentoni and the Carnic Alps, the valley opens onto the Piave river and the Digon and Padola streams: less known places than the famous resorts of the Dolomites, but capable of granting extraordinarily unique naturalistic surprises.

The winter event will take place along the Digon stream to then reach the peaks of the Pitturina chain and of Cima Vallona, locations with a sad history of battles during WWII and attacks during the years of terrorism in South Tyrol.

The start and end of the Pitturina Ski Race are located in Sega Digon (Comelico Superiore, Belluno). The Vertical Ski Race, instead, is located in Padola (Comelico Superiore, Belluno).

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How to get there

PalaPitturina: Sega Digon, Val Comelico (Belluno – Italy)


From the airports of Venezia San Marco (VCE)circa 160km/Treviso(TSF) circa 140 Km)–> highway A27 towards Belluno, Pian di Vedoia exit, State Road 51 of Alemagna, towards Cadore-Comelico. In Santo Stefano di Cadore follow the directions for Comelico Superiore, State Road 52 Carnica. The race office will be marked appropriately in Sega Digon. Travel time approximately 2 hours.

From Friuli Venezia Giulia (Aeroporto FVG Ronchi dei Legionari): highway A4 then the A23 towards Tolmezzo; take the Amaro exit then towards Sappada, State Road 52 Carnica and Regional Road 355, finally Santo Stefano di Cadore, State Road 52 Carnica, towards Comelico Superiore.

From Austria: reach Lienz then continue on towards Prato Drava and the Italian border, once in San Candido continue on towards Sesto (State Road 52 Carnica) then towards Passo Montecroce di Comelico and descend towards Comelico Superiore.

The railway stations that serve the area are Calalzo di Cadore and San Candido from where it is possible to make use of the bus serviceDolomitiBus all the way to the race office area or Holzer just up to the area of Passo Monte Croce.

Vertical Ski Race Start: Padola di Comelico Superiore (3 km from Sega Digon, towards San Candido). In the afternoon of Saturday, March 3, a shuttle service will be available from Sega Digon to Padola, thus it will be possible to leave your vehicle parked near the PalaPitturina.

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