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The A.S.D. Spiquy Team was established in 2004 in Val Comelico. Its name is inspired by the words Spina and Quaternà, two places in the heart of the Dolomites, crossed by what has become one of the most famous Mountain Bike races ever: the Pedalonga.


Over the years, the organization grew thanks to the involvement of many local operators and volunteers who believed in the project. In just a few years, Spiquy Team gained accreditation in the field of Regional and National cycling, entering in all respects in the most important circuits and actively collaborating with the National Federation.


Spiquy Team’s spirit highlights the desire to transmit to young people the passion for sport and nature, leading them to appreciate and love the mountains. The basic technical mountain bike courses organized by the Team are very popular.


Today, Spiquy Team consists of more than 70 enthusiasts of Mountain Bike and road bikes, who travel the Dolomites – especially in spring and summer – both in competitions and in excursions aimed at immersing themselves in nature.


2009 marks a fundamental step in the history of the Spiquy Team: the desire to offer a winter sports event that would allow us to broaden our vision. This is how La Pitturina Ski Race was born, an initiative that in just a few years distinguished itself in the panorama of ski mountaineering.

Today, the team, determined and passionate, devotes itself with great commitment to the organization of sports events and initiatives for young people, highlighting the positive values of sport and the uniqueness of an uncontaminated and unparalleled territory such as Val Comelico, in the heart of the Dolomites.

La Pitturina Ski Race History

In the winter of 2008-2009, the Spiquy Team, with the experience gained with the Pedalonga event (the MTB pair-race),
decided to propose an event that could add value to the winter season through ski mountaineering.
It was decided to let history inspire and follow the footsteps of the famous “Trofeo Monte Spina”, a great race held in the ’70s and organized in the Val Comelico valley.
Ski mountaineering is a “clean” sport, natural, and does not require anything artificial to enjoy it. It is one of the most loved sports by those who love the mountains. It was thus decided to dedicate the event to a friend who had passed away only a few years ago, a lover of mountains, mountaineering guide, and ski mountaineering. Marco Zambelli Franz.


The year 2009 was the year it all began, with the first edition of the La Pitturina Ski Race along the edges of the Val Digon and on the peaks of the Cresta della Pitturina, a mountain that stands between Italy and Austria.
The event grew quickly over the years, in popularity and in numbers, so much that it was in 2014 added to the ski mountaineering World Cup. A year characterized by the great effort placed by the entire community, from volunteers and the organizing committee. These efforts were rewarded greatly by the increment in visibilty of the Val Comelico and the satisfaction of having hosted and admired the greatest athletes of ski mountaineering.


In 2018 the goal is to host an international event wtih the participation of famous athletes, involving also the public.

President and Director

Nicola Zambelli Spezier

Vice President, Expo area manager, catering and PalaPitturina

Fabrizio Zambelli Gat


Communication and route manager

Michele Festini Purlan

Graphic designer 

Stefano Festini Purlan

Administration office

Raffaella De Monte Nuto


Casanova Crepuz Gisella

Parterre manager

Marco Zambelli Sopalù

Pala-Pitturina and kitchen manager

Ugo Zambelli Spezier

Press Service

Areaphoto – Riccardo Selvatico

Event promotion

I Buoni Motivi snc

Photos and Video

Ivan De Martin, Nicole Quinz, Samuel Pradetto, Nicola Comis, Davide Da Damos, Enrico Cappellari, Marco Colleselli


Paolo Mutton – Günther Leitgeb

Service audio 

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